Workers: “Jittery and Compliant?” What About Consumers?

June 1st, 2009   •   no comments   
Reports of Highest Number of Tax Extensions

A short meeting with our Financial Advisor, Jerry (not his real name), on Friday, yielded some fascinating information about the behaviors of consumers, taxpayers. A few months ago, I posted a piece about workers being “jittery and compliant” but consumers are showing signs of stress from financial woes — in a slightly different way.

His report had to do with his own clients as well as those of his CPA peers. First, Jerry tells me, quite soberly, that his clients are cancelling appointments without decent reasons. And, when they do show up, many of them — many more than usual — are, sort of, dazed. The way he describes it to me makes me think of the deer or bunny, frozen in the car’s headlights: paralyzed.

So, Jerry says they show up but they can’t really talk about the situation, their situation. He’s a sweet and gentle guy so I think he knows the limitations in this context. This is only one piece of the story.

The story’s other source are the CPA’s whom Jerry works with: their report is that they have never filed as many extensions as they have this year. Why? Their clients can’t get their act together to bring in all of the paperwork; just can’t pull the stuff together. Dazed, they say.

So, how has this state of affairs been so well shielded from the media? Is it possible that this is a story they’re deliberately overlooking?

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