What Do YOU Do? Not.

January 18th, 2010   •   no comments   
A Small Suggestion…

…that could change the world!

Instead of that archaic and backward business conversation starter, “What do you do?,” can I propose a new, different question?  Why couldn’t we ask: “Who are you?” 

This is another volume, a different perspective, on the piece I posted a few weeks ago:
For the New Year: Be Yourself, Upset the Experts In that piece, I suggested that “we crave connectedness but we settle for transactions.” 

This different perspective comes out of two influences: 1) my experience attending an Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) workshop over the weekend.  (In the hallway of a hotel banquet area, we did our best to network; we were all forced into the “elevator speech.”)

The second influence is driven by Meg Wheatley’s book turning to one another: simple conversations to restore hope to the future.

So, when you meet me, do me a favor: don’t ask me that worn-out, generations old and hackneyed starter “what do you do?,” ask me “Who are you?”  Don’t be surprised if I smile.

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