Three Forces Shaping Business and Management “Technology”

March 30th, 2009   •   no comments   
Gary Hamel Offers Unique Perspective on Business Environment

Writing on his new thinking, Hamel shares some new ideas worthy of consideration for business managers and executives on “the technology of management.”

“today, the overriding problem for every organization is how to change, deeply and continually, at an accelerating pace.

The three pressures that he elucidates:

  1. We’re facing a hypercompetitive environment and “relentless pressure on margins.”
  2. Workers are better equipped, than ever before, to collaborate due to social networks.
  3. 20-somethings are more interested in performance than rank; they want to be recognized and compensated based on performance and contribution not credentials

How will these forces transform your management methods, style? Or, will it be a resister?

Gary Hamel, a consultant and educator, has been ranked as the #1 most influential business thinker in the world by the Wall Street Journal. For the whole piece, see the link below:

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