Client Testimonials

“George Moskoff not only took great care of my vision and my clients when he expertly interviewed them to help create my business 2.0, but his humor, optimism, and focus on serving the business by serving the community was something I have not seen elsewhere.

George really gets a vision-based approach to business and I highly recommend him if you want to have less urgency and more quality, less confusion and more community, less headache and more smile as you do the work you’re here to do.

Get a conversation with him – it’ll brighten your day and clear your head.”

– Alex Iglecia

“George is uniquely qualified to assist Clients in developing and implementing “out of the ” box solutions to complex business challenges involving people,processes, and technology.”

– James Wilkes

“During the time that I’ve known George, he has impressed me with his determination and conviction. When he identifies an opportunity, or discovers something he wants to learn about, George dives in and pursues it with unrelenting tenacity.

A collaborator by nature, George pursues symbiotic partnerships. As such, he is an active listener, student, and teacher. He is very open, disclosing, and willing to work through conflict — all critical elements of a strong partnership.”

– Brett LaDove

“George is understanding and flexible. Even (or especially) when being so requires more work. Where others might be defensive, George sees the opportunity to improve the project. The result has been an excellent working relationship. I love working with him and really appreciate his willingness to co-evolve.”

– Merith Weisman

“George is one of the most insightful consultants I have worked with. He was instrumental to me on the business side of the non-profit world as a new Executive Director. He is compassionate, respectful and possesses a wealth of knowledge that he can help put into practice. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a business consultant who honest and has a deep understanding of the subject.”

– James Gattis

“I have known George for several years through activities for the Foundation for Community Encouragement. He is insightful, respectful, skilled in facilitation, and a natural leader in the organization.”

– Nancy Robb

“I enjoyed how George mixed his sharp creativity and sense of humor with a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge to come up with practical solutions.”

– Jennifer Miller

“George is a multi-talented man who has great insight as well as vision. He sees a broader picture than most, yet understands the intricacies of personalities and what motivates people. He is a strong manager, encouraging and knowledgable. His great sense of humor and tell-it-like-it-is attitude make him a great guy to work with.”

– Amy Berenson

Too Close to the Forest eBook Reviews

“A quick and worthy read to remind yourself to gain perspective on the daily dramas of work. While the specific contexts of his experiences are unique, the lessons will resonate with anyone who get’s buried in work crises.”

“I confess that I’ve worked for two quite famous consulting companies, so I was shocked to learn of George’s experience. There is an old saying, Garbage in, garbage out. And it applies to your relationship to your consultant. This book describes in detail the total lack of understanding by his client of the goals and milestones that they expected George to achieve. Consultants can only be as good as their understanding. If you can’t put into words what your problem probably is and what you expect, how can he/she? I am used to seeing this expressed as a Request for Quotation (RFQ). The more I read of this experience, the sadder I got, for it was soon obvious that George was destined to fail because the deck was totally stacked against him.

The book is short but packed with observations. It would be easy to make this a real full-length book. Because so much information is packed into such a small book, it requires you to read carefully, for George does not belabor the points. i’m a VERY fast reader but it took me over an hour to read this.

If your company has a problem (and which ones don’t?!), you can surely learn from this book. I’m sure George was changed more by this experience than the subject company was. And that, IMHO, is just a reflection of how stupid I think they were, not by how George performed.”