Services in Keeping Customers


We want our Clients to grow through the most efficient means possible.  (Click here for specific information on our Customer Ecology™ Assessment.)  To us, that means we help them keep customers and develop customer-keeping enterprises, cultures at the same time we work to enhance our Clients’ digital presence.

We offer Professional Business Consulting services to our Clients. All of our Consultants are deeply experienced and senior in their respective disciplines whether it be Customer or Market Research, Finance or Human Resources Development / Talent Management, Supply Chain.

Since 1983, we’ve been following a strict code of confidentiality with our large (AT&T, Bank of America, Target, Moen, etc.) and small clients. Our clients count on us to be discrete. You can, too.

In 1989, Mr. Moskoff, the Founding Consultant of APG Consulting, first achieved his credential Certified Management Consultant from .

Enterprise Services

We consult with our clients on a range of issues.  Our specialty is Customer Retention.  In that arena, we offer a range of methods for understanding customer perceptions:

We make the methods fit the desired goals, outcomes and budgets of our engagements.

In our approach to our relationship with our clients, we model transparency, care and competency in our areas of consulting.

Services for Individuals

We provide Personal Coaching to some of our clients.  Our focus here is to increase “Personal Mastery” and the pinnacle of behavior is embodied in the work of Robert Greenleaf from “The Servant As Leader.”

Our completely confidential services are structured to the work at hand, the goals and objectives we are trying to achieve with our Clients.  We like to use some Self-Assessment tools to increase self-knowledge and understanding.