Non-Profits Struggle During Challenging Times

March 5th, 2009   •   no comments   
California State Universities Work to Help Community

Went to a meeting at a University last week. An effort by part of their outreach function to link eco-minded community organizations with University faculty and resources. A nice idea. The last time they held a meeting like this was three years ago.

Until the folks convened, I don’t think the organizers knew how they were going to run the meeting — typical for academia? I hope not. But, it came off just fine. So much for me the Kilroy, the cynic, the naysayer. But, I told me so.

Anyway, all of these organizations whose mission was about outdoor education, sustainability, eco-commerce needed volunteers. What a way to start up a business: most of the work, at least some of the work, has to get done by folks who are doing it for the “feel good” of the exercise. Well, for some meaning, as well; we shan’t forget that, shall we?

So, demand for services are up and so are the number of unemployed folks. While they can’t put food on the table by volunteering, they can get some meaning, feel good, eh?

So much of what I’m thinking these days is just filled with so much uncertainty, so much that’s not discernible. Overdetermined a good friend of mine called it. Overdetermined.

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