Mobile App Development: Programming Is the Easy Part

When most folks come up with an idea for an App, the biggest obstacle they anticipate is getting the thing programmed.  That perspective reflects a naive fiction that getting it “coded,” is the hard part: it’s not.

Getting people to buy / download it and use it: that’s the hard part.  Yes, we know the old adage: a great App will sell itself.  Time and experience has shown, though, that a good app might need an to get up the user acceptance mountain.

When we consult with our clients on developing a mobile app, we know there’s a lot of excitement that they have about “what the app can do.”  We don’t want to undermine that enthusiasm, but…we need to temper with a disciplined, thoughtful approach to the business of creating the App and getting into people’s devices, whether , or Windows.

What are the various reasons to create or build an App?

Which ever purpose, or a combination thereof, is driving the business decision, make sure that the App’s design and development focus on that narrow purpose.  Resist the temptation to broaden the concept: you can always do that later after the idea has been proven.

The other benefit of keeping a laser-like focus is that it will always make the App more germane to the target audience: trying to be “everything for everyone” creates a very cumbersome app that’s hard to program and hard for the user to navigate.

What about platforms?  Here is where you’re going to have to learn about “native” versus “hybrid” or “responsive web design.”  The benefits and trade-offs from each are not so clear. So, it takes some analysis and time to figure it out.  For fun, check out this new service called at

Whatever direction, purpose you choose, count on a steep learning curve. B the reference can give more authority to your writing, as it shows you are familiar with other research on the topic

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