Minerva Project Hosts Second Confab

January 22nd, 2010   •   no comments   
February 10 Confab for Non-Profits and Consultants
Uses Elements of Open Space Technology

What: An opportunity for Non-Profits to get help from underemployed professional consultants.

When: Noon to 2pm.  Lunch is $10. 

Where: At Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster, 1300 Valley House Drive, Rohnert Park.  Luncheon workshop and connecting session.

Our Goal: We envision each consultant attending (12 are now signed up) will walk away with one Non-Profit to whom s/he will be engaged to conduct some pro bono work.  A project. 

How: Introductions, facilitated experiences.  Agreements provide the framework for Consultants and their clients, the NP’s, to become successful in their professional relationship.

Our Partner: The Minerva Project is a collaborative, an effort.  It is governed by ethics and integrity and a belief that teams are smarter than individuals.  It is a partnership with the Center for Community Engagement at Sonoma State University. 

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