Life Coaching: What Is This? Trendy, Chic or Just a Rehash?

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Life Coaching: What Is It? Why Is It An Issue Right Now?

These guys whose pictures are shown here represent the old kind of coaching. You can sum up their approach in about six words: Do it or I’ll hurt you.

We call that a coercive approach. Many executives and managers still, unfortunately, use this method. (It’s a wonder that our productivity is as high as it is with these kinds of tactics employed.)  Coercion is efficient but not effective.

Life coaching is new. It’s not psychotherapy but…it’s sorta like it. It’s not mentoring though…there are components of that. It’s not yelling, that’s for sure. At least, I never yell. But I do care.  (My parents tried to persuade me that their yelling was because they cared.  I knew better.)

I consider it nothing more than common sense: all jobs have gotten more complicated.  Expectations are higher.  Why shouldn’t the folks doing the work get some help?  Some organizations, in the past, provided mentoring or guidance. Now, it’s sink or swim.  Executives, Team Leaders, Managers need to find the help where they can — if it’s not coming from within the organization, look outside.  And, establish a budget for that help just as if it were any another professional service that you were buying: engineering; collections, etc.

What these life coaches, like me, are helping their clients with is both skills development and balance.  Yes, there is an underlying emotional component; there always is: we’re humans.  So, addressing those issues is part of the set of tasks in front of us.  Integrating the psychological with the practical is waltz that we help with; it’s another kind of dance that allows people in business to be more productive and more secure in their methods.

I’m also the “go to” guy when there is a crisis; I can help my clients talk through and examine options so that s/he ends up appearing to be in control.  Appearances; the ultimate goal?  Hardly.

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