Huge Opportunities for Global Connections Being Missed

March 10th, 2009   •   no comments   
Bandwith Could Afford Us A Chance to Compare Notes, Across the Globe

Warren Buffet’s voice was heard on NPR yesterday.  What I remember is something about “falling off a cliff.”  If I remember correctly, he was describing consumer behavior and investing. 

Yes, people are hunkered down; my free-spending neighbors tell me that’s their strategy right now.  Which, for them, means they’re not buying any more houses. 

Iceland, that little country whose economy fell off a cliff, is the subject of a New Yorker piece I’ve been reading; they aren’t prosperous anymore and don’t know how to deal with the lack of giddiness.  Corruption, lack of oversight, cheap money: all contributed to an over-expansion of their Banks. 

So, here’s my idea: wouldn’t it be a wonderful enterprise if we, somehow, we citizens of the U.S. (I don’t like calling us Americans; it’s disrespectful to all of the other countries in the “Americas” like Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, etc.) could connect with the common folks in Iceland?  To compare notes, you know.  A videoconference.  Or, teleconference.

Why not get some folks from France, Germany, China (well, maybe), Japan on the screen too?  I’m guessing what we’d find out is that they’re all in trouble, financially, and afraid of the economic uncertainty facing them.  Lacking confidence in their country’s government to “fix the problems.” 

I know, for me, this would be a bit of a chance to validate what I’m feeling: the anxiety, the fears, the sense of helplessness.  Perhaps, it could even make me/us feel more empowered like…there is something we can do: help eachother cope.  Just an idea.

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