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Organizing Help for Non-Profits in North Bay

Mark Your Calendar: September 2, 2009 – 10am to 11:30am: Consultants Help Non-Profits (see below for map link)

Sonoma County, California is home to a great number of non-profits.  Ecological centers; social justice causes; disadvantaged peoples; reducing gang violence; sustainability: many agencies are working against the odds while doing some good work.  I’d like to help them and hope I can interest you!

Tough times for these non-profits — and everyone else too — means…THEY NEED HELP!  That’s what this post is about: using our talents to help non-profits who want that help. 

If you’re a business, computer, management consultant, coach, I’m angling for you to get involved.  Are you interested?  Even if there isn’t some financial payoff right now?  I’m hoping on that, though, at some point in the future: the long view. 

I like being used, having my talents exploited.  And, I assume I’m not that different from most other consultants: I believe most consultants are helpful folks, at their core. 

So, here is a chance to help, do some good work and get our talents exploited in the process. 

First meeting: we will be inviting forty (40) non-profits and about 30 consultants.  We’re hoping to pair organizations in need with the skills and expertise of consultants through some fun exercises and methods. 

Could you do this where you live/work?  Create a forum for consultants and non-profits to get together? 

For more information, email me at

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