February 10, 2010: An Historic Day in Sonoma County

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Nearly Forty Professionals Do Something Absolutely New: An Organic Process

February 10, 2010

Rohnert Park, California — Sixteen (16) professional consultants and twenty (20) non-profits come together to: give the consultants some challenging work, and; provide some needed support and help to the non-profits who are serving social change initiatives; the disadvantaged, etc.

All of this was done without: government support; grants; a supporting non-profit organization or corporate sponsorship.  Refreshing?  You can do this too! .

Using a variant of Open Space Technology to create a “marketplace” and encourage connections between Non-Profits and Consultants, the Group’s members produced new alliances. 

Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster a Minerva Project client and emerging non-profit, was the host site for this endeavor. 

Purpose of Minerva Project is to:

provide an opportunity for undermployed consultants to share their expertise …while keeping their skills sharp

Our Partner: The Minerva Project is a collaborative, an effort. 
It is governed by ethics and integrity and a belief that teams are
smarter than individuals.  It is a partnership with the Center for
Community Engagement (CCE) at Sonoma State University.

Minerva Project on Google Groups

Minerva Project on LinkedIn

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