Consultants Are Humans, Too

June 4th, 2009   •   no comments   
What’s Not Said Is Also Heard

I went to a workshop thing for Consultants yesterday.  Organized and sponsored by the Institute of Management Consultants, the speaker, James O Rodgers, did a fine job of: 1) reminding us why we chose this profession, and; 2) how we can reinvigorate our thinking and attitudes to take advantage of this “down” market right now.  You know, the old “don’t give up hope” combined with “you can do it” anthem.

Mr. Rodgers had slides, PowerPoint, you know.  That was positive.  And, he didn’t linger on any slide too long.  At one point, early on in his pitch, he offered a model of what comprises the Consultant’s work life: not an elaborate visual or model.  I think I’ve captured in my rendition to the right:

The general concept of this visual appeals to me, however, the lack of holism is disturbing.  What’s missing?  Well, do you see anything in there about living one’s life, stretching, loving, relationships?  I don’t. 

This visual, and its accompanying concepts, validate, for me, the single-minded focus on people as instruments of earning wages, accumulating money.  What wasn’t said but was also heard is this: you, the consultant, are a worker who does, in all candor, have a great job: you get to be yourself and stick your nose in other people’s business (literally). 

Anything wrong with that?  I’ve held, for a long time, that Consultants have the flexibility and freedom that’s needed to be a bona fide role model for the new understandings of management science.  A holistic approach would add another layer on to this model that made a case for “balance.”  A reverence for the personal life, the life well led.
Wouldn’t that be a good thing to show clients?  Some new thinking?

So, what wasn’t said was also heard: I can be a worker and…I can be a human being, too.  Consultants are humans, too.

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