Collaborative Delegations

February 23rd, 2009   •   no comments   
Take The Time to Get It Right: Happiness Will Ensue

When jobs or projects are handed out, it is a sloppy process. The results show this: not enough time was spent discussing the work that needed to be done. So, here’s an easy idea to consider when tasks are being assigned or things are being asked to get done: have a discussion.
Here’s what that might look like:
– Here’s what I need done
– Here’s why I need this done: Make sense to you?
– How would you plan on getting this done?
– That sounds good; here are some other ideas.
– So, we’re agreed: you’ll do it _____way and you’ll get it done when?
– What do you need from me?
– And, how will you know you’ve done it well? Let’s talk about that.

That whole exchange was 2-4 minutes; think you can afford that investment?

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