APG Consulting Coaching Service

Here’s a chance for you to talk with someone, who has unique skills, about a sticky problem. Or, to solicit some advice from an impartial, uninvolved party. It’s affordable — $85 for an introductory one-hour session. It’s easy — we work around your schedule and can even do it in the evening. It’s discrete — no one knows — and you can either use whatever advice I might offer…or discard it. And, if you’re not completely satisfied, I’ll give you your money back.

The process can get started right now. Read on.

The subject of our discussion could be about your career, one of the people you manage. Your boss — we know you love him. Even your marriage or intimate relationships. (As a parent, I’ve even been through Toughlove training.) Any subject is on the agenda.

Who’s a candidate for this service? Anyone who isn’t unconscious. An executive juggling demands, feels isolated and, often, misunderstood. Someone who’s got some challenging personal problems that are impacting performance — could be one of your reports.

Getting someone to listen and care — I do care — is an age-old problem that goes, easily, back to the time of Aristotle, maybe even Moses. I’ve even helped a computer company CEO figure out his motivation for starting a non-profit Foundation. (Way before Mr. Gates started his.)

Our first session — on the telephone –will be for one hour, 60 full minutes, plus or minus (hopefully, we’ve got something to say to each other!). We’ll get acquainted, lay out some objectives for the call and, then, I’ll listen. You will, I’m sure, have lots to say.

After listening a bit, I’ll try to feedback what I’ve heard and ask what you think I might be able to do for you (I can offer some options here so don’t get nervous). I can offer a different perspective on what I’ve heard; some advice on how to solve the problem or just validate your situation. (Most situations are complex and perplexing; if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t be seeking some help.)

Often, the biggest job of the session is to allow you to hear the problem in your own voice. I’m not solution driven so I will focusing more on how the problem impacts you. And, the bind it has created. Fixes and answers are many but, usually, the best one comes after sitting with the dilemma for a time. If you follow Peter Block’s advice, we can find the obvious answer if we spend more time finding the right question.

I would advise you to not let money be an issue. To overcome any resistance you have to this innovative offer, you get a complete guarantee of satisfaction: if you don’t feel like you got something really valuable out of the process, you get your money back. All of it. No questions asked. (I hope I can do the same the second time, eh?)

By the way, if you’re overseas, I have both Skype and Jajah accounts so international calling is quite inexpensive and reliable.

By selecting the PayPal button below, we can get the process started. Please note: subsequent sessions will be $125 per hour. (If you’re not comfortable with the PayPal thing, send me an email and we’ll coordinate that way.) I’ll email or telephone you to schedule a mutually convenient time.

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