Case Studies

Challenge: A burning question had surfaced after the new Director’s tenure was one year old: was CCE’s service really making an impact on the community Non-Profits being served?

Process: Stakeholder research using unstructured interviews with constituents / clients to assess and ascertain perceived value. Evaluate, analyze data and collaborate with Client on optimal solutions.

Outcome: Exceptionally valuable and timely feedback that couldn’t have been obtained any other way. Accumulated data (qualitative and quantitative) used to develop and provide input to Advisory Board. Relevancy has gone up by 50%. Breadth of services has expanded by entrepreneur

PD_dec2009_image-262x300Moen, Inc. Customer Service, Ohio

Challenge: Realtime information lacking in systems resulting in customers (plumbing distributors, big box retailers) getting partial orders and backorders when they were looking for “Just In Time” service from market leader . Acquired and implemented new order entry system.

Process: Engaged Team Leaders (8) for 100+ Customer Service Reps in a heterarchical (peer-directed) . Ongoing, thorough, timely and transparent communications with stakeholders and customers regarding the new technology (order entry).

Outcome: Raised customer satisfaction levels by 42% which, along with product design improvements, contributed to an increase in sales and loyalty (proprietary).

MM Montessori School, Geneva, Illinois

Challenge: Administrative and philosophical schism resulted in a new school being created by 50% of the families. Completely unprepared for this near collapse, Founders are caught off guard and nearly lose school as enrollment plummeted.

Process: Initiated completely open and transparent communications with remaining families and faculty to assure best interests of children were being pursued. Recruited investors to cover several months of shortfall as newly invigorated marketing strategies are put in place and new management is recruited. Taught teachers how to read Income Statements and Balance Sheets.

Outcome: Investors’ debt is retired within one year. Full enrollment within nine months as waiting list is created. Teachers given control of their income / pay raises and classroom. Parent Education series is created to help improve the quality of parenting.

Screen-Shot-2013-12-16-at-7.12.53-PM-275x300Middle School, Illinois

Challenge: New campus lacked recreational facilities which caused students who lacked “impulse control” to engage in healthy activities in the group time after lunch. Disciplinary problems ensued from destructive behaviors and clashes.

Process: Recruited student leaders from several different “cliques” to represent collective interest. In two successive Saturday retreat settings, facilitated a community-building / strategy process for self-governance, self-management to address the inherent problems.

Outcome: catalyzed new thinking and established creative license for solving problems in a new way where the students took ownership of the problems and assumed responsibility for the group’s success. Along with skilled coaching / facilitation, a representative group of 13-year olds pioneered new paths that resulted in a dramatic drop in inappropriate behaviors while working with a budget of less than $500.

As digital natives our children have been raised in a world where connected devices are nearly always spy app to at the ready

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