Our Mission at APG Consulting is simple

to help our clients keep the right customers



George Moskoff has become an expert in creating and shaping the customer experience for his clients.  He helps them avoid the destructive cycle of continually paying more to get new customers all the while that good customers are going away, unnoticed.

In his consulting, Moskoff uses his training as a research scientist and his dedication to pragmatism to create an experiment-driven approach to fixing tough customer retention and organization-limiting issues.

Leveraging his customer-keeping insights and his research methodologies.  Moskoff is now applying his expertise to helping high-tech startups develop a structured approach for business development.  A student of Systems Theory, Moskoff helps his clients acquire the discipline to effectively serve their markets, their investors and their Mission with focused communications, messaging and organizational effectiveness.

With startups such as FaceReflect and established clients such as Target, Moen, ServiceMaster, AT&T,  Moskoff is able to blend both traditional and entrepreneurial approaches to the work of developing and growing a business.  He is frequently called upon to consult on User Experience (UX) matters because of his research background.

Mr. Moskoff, the Founder and Senior Consultant, consulting since 1983, has received training and guidance from the likes of John Kotter (Harvard Business School); Peter Senge (MIT Sloan School of Management); Peter Block (Flawless Consulting); M. Scott Peck, M.D. (The Road Less Traveled).

We work with individuals. We work with groups. We research, gather data, analyze and package information so that our clients can make more informed decisions. We listen, coach and help our clients execute. We use all of the current evidence from brain and management sciences.


Qualitative research has its own specific procedures that convey similar assurances of rigor