North Bay iHub Hosts Consultant / Inventor Moskoff for Mobile App Talk

North Bay iHub Hosts Consultant / Inventor Moskoff for Mobile App Talk

Preparation Will Save You Thousands of Dollars George Moskoff, in a talk for Soco Nexus’  on Wednesday, December 5th, stressed the importance of carefully thinking […]

What Motivates Us? A Bit of Whimsy

The Value of Whimsy  I came across this graphic that was somebody’s idea of something that could be funny.  And, indeed, it is. Seeing this […]

Kanter: A Recipe for Turnarounds

A Major Source / Symptom: Deterioration of Communications Rosabeth Moss Kanter, the noted Harvard Business School professor,  speaks about the steps that are needed to […]

Where Good Ideas Come From: The Value of Collisions

One Hunch Needs to “Bump Into” Another Hunch To Form an Idea: Artistry In Progress The New Year will be upon us: in a mystical […]

Eliminate Red Tape: Why?

Policies Are Biggest Impediment to Throughput, Effectiveness Are you interested in boosting performance, efficiency, throughput?  It might be time to revisit the lessons from Goldratt’s […]

Who We Are

We work with leaders in B2B businesses who want to drive down the cost of sales by helping you keep your customers.  We use a research and science-based approach to understand why your customers buy, why they stay and why they leave.  We promise an increase of 5% in customer retention.  A former H-P Director refers to us as “magical.”
But for teens, when it comes to internet access via smartphones, the concept it a bit more dubious