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North Bay iHub Hosts Consultant / Inventor Moskoff for Mobile App Talk

North Bay iHub Hosts Consultant / Inventor Moskoff for Mobile App Talk

Preparation Will Save You Thousands of Dollars George Moskoff, in a talk for Soco Nexus’ Business Essentials Series  on Wednesday, December 5th, stressed the importance of […]

What Motivates Us? A Bit of Whimsy

The Value of Whimsy  I came across this graphic that was somebody’s idea of something that could be funny.  And, indeed, it is. Seeing this […]

Kanter: A Recipe for Turnarounds

A Major Source / Symptom: Deterioration of Communications Rosabeth Moss Kanter, the noted Harvard Business School professor,  speaks about the steps that are needed to […]

Where Good Ideas Come From: The Value of Collisions

One Hunch Needs to “Bump Into” Another Hunch To Form an Idea: Artistry In Progress The New Year will be upon us: in a mystical […]

Silver Lining of The Great Recession: Hiring Over-Qualified Candidates

Astute Employers Can Benefit from Treasure Trove of Potential Candidates Do the rewards outweigh the risks?  The experts would suggest as much.

Who We Are

We work with leaders in B2B businesses who want to drive down the cost of sales by helping you keep your customers.  We use a research and science-based approach to understand why your customers buy, why they stay and why they leave.  We promise an increase of 5% in customer retention.  A former H-P Director refers to us as “magical.”

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