They can, however, be approached with a bit of work, the rewards of which are inestimable when you come to read the more straightforward works in your discipline. In fact, it isnt always clear what the writer intended and, in any case, we should always strive not only to mean what we say but also to say what we mean. End matter optional end matter optional end matter may include an appendix or appendices, a glossary, a list of abbreviations which may also appear with the preliminary pages and addenda non-text items such as cds, dvds, musical performances, etc.

Resistance to Change: The Power to Say “No”

Getting From “NO!” to “Yes.” The quit rate in the labor market is going up: that’s a positive sign of an evolving economy.  People who […]

How To Build a Better Boss: The Google Method School administrators responsible for hiring and evaluating teachers need models of good practice that can inform their evaluations

Three Tips to Make Sure Your Change Efforts Succeed

  they don’t have the power to say “yes” but they do have the power to say “no.” Tip #1: You can’t avoid any of the […]

Cultural Impediments

Israeli, Indian: flatter organizations, more toleratnt of chaos, discussion. Western: chaosBlock: Stewwardsip predictiability and consistency

Non-Profits Struggle During Challenging Times

Went to a meeting at a University yesterday. An effort by part of their outreach function to link eco-minded commnity organizations with University faculty and […]

Who We Are

We work with leaders in B2B businesses who want to drive down the cost of sales by helping you keep your customers.  We use a research and science-based approach to understand why your customers buy, why they stay and why they leave.  We promise an increase of 5% in customer retention.  A former H-P Director refers to us as “magical.”

But for teens, when it comes to internet access via smartphones, the concept it a bit more dubious

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